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In life there are struggles that we work hard to overcome but with perseverance, hard work, a pinch of faith, and a dash of optimism we learn that these struggles help make us who we are meant to be. They mold us, they shape us. Like a seed sown, with a little nurturing it blossoms into a beautiful piece of life. No matter how small that piece may be, it has its rightful place in the world and those that see it grow to love it.

I know you struggle and I know you fight, but you have boundless strength and faith to guide your heart, mind, and soul.

"I have hope for you: that you will keep your love for the world even though it beats you down everyday."

"Stop trying to control your life. Die to yourself."

You will go far, I have faith in you. Never give up. 

~Hopes Reach~

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